Three NI firms have joined forces to offer free guidance for SMEs during the coronavirus outbreak.

McKees, accountancy firm Harbinson Mulholland and financial services practice Kerr Henderson, have created the SME Support Forum to provide free guidance during and beyond the Corona virus pandemic through a series of regular articles and social media posts in the coming weeks and months.

The companies’ joint aim is to provide real-time legal, financial and insurance support and practical steps to help as many businesses as possible.

Chris Ross, managing partner of McKees, said: “We are seeing businesses closing across the province, thousands of people are losing their jobs. Employers are accommodating sick and worried employees, insurance policies are not being covered and there is massive disruption to supply chains. And some businesses just don’t know where to turn to for help. McKees have partnered with Harbinson Mulholland and Kerr Henderson to set up the SME Support Forum which is specifically for people in Northern Ireland who own an SME business. and are currently worried about their livelihood and that of the people who work for them. We are here to help get people the practical information they need at this terrible time.

“The SME Forum is encouraging SMEs to get in touch with the questions and issues they need help and support with at this time and we will do our very best to guide them in the right direction.”

For further articles giving support and guidance to SME’s in Northern Ireland please go to