Recognising that one of the biggest challenges facing SME’s generally is the non-payment of invoices for services and/or goods, the ability to mediate a dispute quickly whilst keeping costs down is especially vital at this time.


As a member of the Consumer Code for Online Dispute Resolution (CCODR)Michael Bready, has access to the exclusive use of Modron Spaces, an online platform allowing disputes to be mediated remotely. Michael has been qualified as a barrister for 20 years, 10 of those as a mediator.


  1. Modron Spaces is an end-to-end encrypted platform, allowing parties to remotely resolve disputes quickly, confidentially and from the comfort of their own homes, or business premises.
  2. Whilst mediation is not new to these shores, the platform is unique in that it provides the mediator with a complete suite of online tools and as a result they can, in turn, help businesses find a quick and cost-effective resolution to their dispute.
  3. This means parties can engage their services remotely and online which is both convenient and cost effective.
  4. In addition, for those who feel they are not able to afford legal representation there is no requirement to be represented. Indeed, the process is simple, easy to navigate and a lot less intimidating than litigation.

In all cases, the parties know the costs of the mediator from the outset, allowing peace of mind for the parties that they are not depleting further their businesses cash reserves.


Now with the Court being closed for all but emergency business, many commercial disputes are not being resolved. Joint consultations are not being arranged and hearing dates are being put back to an enviable hearing date well after the summer.


  1.  It is confidential, the parties are in control it is a quicker process and it is cheaper. A remote mediation will only enhance the advantages to the process.
  2. Remote mediation is more confidential, as no one will even see you leave your house.
  3. It is cheaper, as immediately there are no travel costs or room hire costs necessary.
  4. More comfort at home, or in the office, inevitably leads to less conflict and a sense of increased control follows from all of this