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Why train with McKees?

At McKees, we are committed to delivering the highest quality of training as we understand this is an investment in the future of the firm. We provide our trainee solicitors with a breadth and depth of hands-on experience to maintain our growing team of some of the best lawyers in the profession.


We pride ourselves in being a multi-jurisdictional firm, dealing not only with matters within Northern Ireland, but also the Republic of Ireland, Great Britain and beyond. Many of our solicitors hold dual-qualification practicing certificates in these jurisdictions, providing our trainee solicitors with a distinctive and diverse range of legal work.

McKees is highly regarded across the profession for providing an exceptional and diverse training programme, exposing our trainee solicitors to complex legal issues, dealing directly with our diverse clientele, as well as promoting and utilising their skills and talents to achieve, not only their career and personal development goals, but the best outcome for our clients.

We devise personal development plans for all our trainees to enable them to set objectives and track progress. Our training structures and personal development plans are reviewed throughout the course of a training contract in order that they can evolve with the needs and demands of the business, without detriment to the quality of the training being delivered.

Training with McKees provides a unique opportunity to develop skills in problem solving, advocacy, legal drafting and managing client expectations. We believe in giving our trainees high levels of responsibility and as they progress, supervised ownership of their own case load to achieve the skills required to be a high performing solicitor.

Initiative, energy and drive

"People" people

Diverse Interests

Who are we looking for?

Initiative, energy and drive

At McKees we look for the most driven and hard hardworking individuals with a passion for delivering excellence. We believe in giving our trainees the autonomy to take ownership and responsibility of the work they do. Initiative, creativity and dedication are of paramount importance to ensure we deliver an unrivalled client experience.

“People” people

Our key asset is our people, and we look for individuals who share this core value – being actively engaging and inclusive. We also look for people who can develop strong relationships and bonds of trust which are crucial to how we operate.

Diverse Interests

We celebrate that we have such diversity in our staff in all manners of the word. Homogeny is boring, so we look for people with diverse interests and backgrounds to really add to and enrich our firm.

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